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Customers are searching online for a solution you provide. Let them find you over your competitors. We'll help you rank at the top of Google for what prospects are actually searching.


The top search rankings we provide mean more targeted visitors to your website. More targeted visitors to your website means more social sharing and word-of-mouth advertising.


Our main focus is your ROI. Everything we do is centered around increasing your profits and growing your business through strategically improving your search visibility.


"It's hard to find SEOs who are both knowledgeable and perceptive. Jeroen Waning fits the bill. Jeroen's many achievements are due to his dedication to be the very best. I found it very inspirational to work with him. Jeroen is a consummate professional and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to learn from and work with him." 

- John Singleton - Marketing Director at New York Life Insurance Company

"Jeroen is excellent at determining online opportunities for businesses. His skills and experience have helped our clients get real results that have grown their customer base and revenue through better search and social exposure and targeting their market more effectively on the web." 

- Kotton Grammer - Nationally Recognized Search Engine Optimization Expert

"Jeroen is a visionary and always makes decisions with the future in mind. He is smart, creative and daring and that combination has helped him help clients drive their top line growth." 

- Michael Deffely Jr - Marketing Director at Pretium Marketing Solutions

"Jeroen is an expert in his field, he delivers above and beyond with unending value and profitable insights. Jeroen has done a absolute perfect job of keeping my site abreast of Google's never-ending changes. Thanks Jeroen! I look forward to telling my friends about you!" 

- Kathleen Earnest - Digital Marketing

"Jeroen is a master at staying ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO and ranking sites in Google. His skill set and work ethic are guaranteed to produce results in the form of more traffic to your website, which means more customers in the door." 

- Jeffrey Holmquist - Owner at JL Marketing Strategies



We will be partners. You will have our personal cell phone numbers, email addresses, and even Skype contact information. You will be able to contact us for any questions, problems, or updates at anytime. We are here to serve you every step of the way.


We understand our services are only beneficial to you if you make a return on your investment. We are here to drive more revenue to your business with a proven profit-centered strategy. We will research every aspect of your business and market to ensure quality leads.


Quantitative analysis is the science behind our services. You will receive monthly reports of ranking and traffic improvements along with other important revenue-driving information. Conversions are more the art behind our services and is where our experience truly counts.


Internet marketing is constantly changing and always evolving. We are part of a mastermind group and stay ahead of the curve. We work with genius SEO researchers and trend analysts and will continue to implement new strategies for your business as they become proven.



We don't just stop with the top spot of your website in Google. We aim to blanket the entire first page with your YouTube videos, social profiles, or any other pages that will bring in more customers to your business. You will also be found just as easily in the other major search engines as we make sure you brand is visible everywhere customers are looking for your product or service.


Whether you need a brand new website done right from the get-go or you want us to optimize and improve upon an existing website, let our expert team help. Our expertise and experience in web design and conversions will turn more visitors into customers whether they arrive from mobile or desktop devices.


Get the following your business needs. Whether your people are looking for you or not, they'll become aware of your brand and the products or services you offer. Also, turn existing customers into long-term repeat buyers and referrals by leveraging email marketing and social media.


Jeroen Waning - SEO specialist

Hello and welcome! I am Jeroen Waning, and we are Automation SEO. You probably landed on this page by searching for "Atlanta SEO" or an SEO expert in your area, perhaps you saw one of our YouTube videos, or maybe I had the pleasure of meeting you in person.

If you're looking for an Atlanta SEO expert, you might imagine that ranking for such a term in Google is quite competitive. When you search for it from Georgia, you probably find quite a few ads showing up for SEO companies. This is evidence of the competitiveness for that term. SEO companies are paying for ads because they can't even rank for this term themselves in the organic listings (the very service they are offering!). If we can rank on page one in Google with this kind of competition, imagine what we can we can do for your company.

You might be asking yourself why you need an SEO expert if Google decides what businesses should rank at the top. Do you really want Google to make this decision? They do not know your industry, you, and your competitors like you do. Leave it up to us, the best Atlanta SEO company, to show Google that you deserve to be number one.

Well over 90% of people who search for something never go beyond the first page of the search results. If your website does not rank on the first page of Google, your competitors are stealing your customers and taking revenue that should be yours.

Our Atlanta SEO CompanyIf you offer the best product, service, or solution, we want to believe in your business the way you believe in your business. We only work with businesses that we truly believe in, and Automation SEO will help you outrank your competitors. Let our premier Atlanta SEO service help turn your competitors' revenue and customer base from online search into your revenue and customers.

Our service provides an all-encompassing and proprietary Atlanta SEO strategy that is results-driven and proven again and again. We have the results and testimonials to prove we are the best at what we do. Will you become our next testimonial?

Please take just a few minutes to fill out our discovery form. We will then send you – free of charge - a comprehensive video analysis of exactly what we can do for your business, how we're going to do it, and whether or not it will benefit your business in terms of ROI and time frame. We promise to do this within 72 hours of receiving your application.

Understand we choose carefully with whom we decide to work, but it is our promise that we will get our in-depth and honest analysis out to you quickly and free of charge.

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